Telemedicine is a Necessity for COVID-19 Relief - CallingDr Signup Surged 600%

Latest June report shows there’s an alarming rise in COVID-19 cases again in some states. States like Texas, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah, North Carolina, and South Carolina are seeing increased rates of positive COVID-19 tests.

Despite going through months of lockdown and public education about social distancing, the reality is that many people have a hard time to adapt to the new normal – maintaining 6ft distance from others in all directions and wearing masks in public places until FDA-approved vaccines become available. People who were asymptomatic carriers become symptomatic or unknowingly infected others.

CallingDr’s comprehensive telemedicine platform allows anyone to have access to health care professionals from anywhere at any time, when people first start experiencing symptoms or suspect they are infected. Getting timely medical consultations not only can help many people in need but can also help reduce infecting healthcare workers.  Many frontline workers got infected while trying to save lives.

CallingDr is helping doctors take care of patients with virtual visits, and also long term care for patients using remote patient monitoring. We are also helping patients in LTC facilities and nursing homes as our product works in in-patient as well as out-patient settings.

CallingDr allows physicians to safely and easily provide consultations to the general public. We saw a 600% increase in physician signup since the breakout and we expect the signup will continue to accelerate as COVID-19 continues to impact people of all ages. 

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