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Frequently Asked Questions

What about Security and HIPAA Compliance?

Our end to end solution is 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliant. Every element, from video transmission to storing client data, meets HIPAA standards for encryption and security.

Do you charge any additional fees to Practices, in addition to your monthly rate of $149.95?

We have a “fixed” fee model. We do not charge any additional fees for setups, even for customized Practice Intake Forms. On our network, providers can see as many patients as they want, under one flat fee of $149.95/month. We also offer custom pricing packages for practices with 5 or more providers. The only extra fees we will ever charge would be based on custom changes requested by practices, 3rd-party integrations, or white labeling services. For special quotes on these please contact Sales@callingDr.com

How can a doctor diagnose my symptoms without a physical exam, if I connect with him on a tele-visit?

In many cases, a description of the symptoms and your medical history is enough to diagnose common ailments. With video technology, you can send photos or video to the doctor – such as if he or she wants to see a rash. If they think the issue needs physical examination, they will recommend you see your doctor or go to the emergency room.

What about platforms, do you have app for all platforms?

Our platform is device agnostic, and it does not matter what smartphone you have. We have solutions for Android and IOS, plus a web-based interface for patients to connect to providers who do not have smartphones.

How can we sign up to your Telemedicine platform?

Signing up is easy, please contact via email to Sales@CallingDr.com or via phone to 407-267-6565. Thanks

Why should I use Telemedicine over a visit to ER for some issues?

Unlike when you go to the ER and are under the care of whichever doctor is on call, you get to choose the best telemedicine service for you with the provider of your choice, preferably your personal physician if he/she offer telemedicine visits. So instead of visiting ER and seeing a new doctor who you don’t know, it is best to use telemedicine to connect to your primary care physician. Not to mention, the cost savings will be tremendous as compared to going to ER.

We share our passion for delivering cost-effective healthcare services using innovative mobile platforms, to seed fundamental care and system changes creating healthy communities

Telemedicine offers an innovative way for healthcare providers to bring patients and physicians together in an easy and efficient manners

An Important Step

“The 2014 Telemedicine Survey Executive Summary” showed that 84% of healthcare executives believe that the development of telemedicine is an important step for their organizations”

Plan to Make Available ..

“The Large Corporations 2018 Healthcare Strategy and Plan Design Survey found 96% of all employers plan to make telehealth services available in the States where permitted to increase employee satisfaction and improve ROI”

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