Integrating the Healthcare Ecosystem

Our growing Partnerships and Integrations 

CallingDr integrates with leading EHR/EMR providers and devices to streamline on-site and remote patient care.

This integration eliminates the need for staff to login into multiple systems and give them immediate access to patient information within CallingDr platform. All in-office appointments flow through your EHR/EMR and practice management system – to our telemedicine platform. 

Our partnerships let providers, patients, and other innovators put healthcare first. 

We’ve  linked  up  with  awesome  folks  to  better  serve  the  entire  healthcare continuum

We are partnering in programs of following healthcare organizations to improve overall patient care

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We believe in connected healthcare, as our telemedicine services continue to grow we seek to expand our partnerships to leverage the growing community to improve and change healthcare throughout the United States.


Limit the spread of Coronavirus using CallingDr

CallingDr can help fight infectious disease outbreaks! Even if there is no cure, technology is on our side. Together we can help the disease from spreading. Protect yourself and your patients using CallingDr virtual visits

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