Limit the spread of the Coronavirus using Calling Dr

As the US prepares for the spread of the coronavirus, officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization are urging hospitals and doctors’ offices to use telehealth services as a valuable tool in reducing spread of infection. A virtual or remote visit can help healthcare providers with assessing and treating patients regardless of their geographical location.

 CallingDr is the ideal first line of defense. Here is a closer look at how we can help:

  • Early detection and spread of infection: CallingDr can help reduce the spread of infections such as the Flu or the Coronavirus. During the remote visits the healthcare provider uses screening questions, gathers history, assesses the symptoms, enables early diagnosis, and helps to prevent exposure to the infection by keeping sick individuals away from others
  • Limiting exposure: As there is no vaccine, the CDC states the best prevention is to avoid exposure. Patients can access healthcare while avoiding crowded hospitals. A telemedicine visit can prevent patients from being exposed to new infections in waiting rooms. Telemedicine keeps sick individuals at home rather than exposing others including healthcare providers who put themselves at risk when they are in close contact with their patients. Healthcare providers can easily connect with patients, direct them to appropriate testing, and notify health departments all while avoiding exposure to the infection
  • can help healthcare providers accommodate more patients. We are an efficient solution to your logistical concerns. CallingDr can help you provide immediate attention to the patients who need care. Our platform is useful in infectious disease outbreaks whether it is the Flu or the Coronavirus. Using CallingDr. healthcare providers can meet the needs of more patients and accommodate a greater number of visits per day

CallingDr moment has arrived! Unfortunately, there is no cure to the coronavirus, but technology is on our side and together we can help in stopping the disease from spreading.

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