Over the past six months, we’ve all come to dread the C-word. With millions of people having been infected across the United States and hospitals filled with COVID-19 patients, having a family member you live with get infected seems like a nightmarish ordeal.

We won’t lie; it’s not going to be easy. But you can still take care of your loved one at home should they test positive. Here’s what you need to do if this happens.

Limit Contact

The first thing you need to do is designate a space just to them to prevent contact between the patient and the non-infected members of the household. Have them shifted to a separate room, and if possible, have them use a separate bathroom as well. This is in compliance with the self-isolation guidelines laid out by the CDC.

In addition to designating an isolated space, also avoid sharing personal items such as kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies, bedding, towels, and electronics. The stuff they use should be washed or disinfected separately.

If possible, have them do this on their own in the room they’re in to limit any possibilities of transmission. If they’re unable to do this, make sure you’re handling the used items while wearing gloves, and are washing your hands immediately afterward.

Monitor Their Symptoms

Next, it’s important that both you (as a caregiver) and the patient learn how to keep track of the symptoms being exhibited. Their temperature should be recorded multiple times during a day and monitored for any fluctuations.

Have your doctor explain which medicines need to be taken and how often, and document this as well. Also watch out for other symptoms or changes in their health such as a sudden cough, breathlessness or body aches.

Help the patient understand how they can monitor these symptoms on their own. Make sure they know the correct dosage of the medication required and that they’re checking their temperature properly.

Keep Them Entertained & Comfortable

It’s hard to physically be there for someone who has tested positive, but you can still make sure your loved one is comfortable and entertained. Don’t get us wrong—we know how exhausting it can be to be in such a position, especially if you’re the sole caregiver. We’re not asking you to do anything that you can’t easily manage.

What we’re saying is that you should try to make them feel as comfortable and cared for as possible. It’s not easy staying locked up in a room, devoid of human interaction.

Make sure they have plenty of pillows and blankets to stay comfy, and stock their room with magazines, books, phone charger and earphones, music devices, and other things they can use to keep themselves occupied.

You can also encourage them to keep a vase in the room to brighten things up. And hey, don’t forget to chat with them via video calls every day!

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