We typically associate digital technology with the youth, but telehealth services aren’t restricted to a specific age group. In fact, they’re especially useful for older individuals and are essential in providing them with effective healthcare.

As of 2016, the population of senior individuals over the age of 65 amounted to 49.2 million. By 2060, it’s expected that 1 out of 5 individuals will be of retirement age. Given how aging also means an increase in health issues, it’s imperative that the necessary methods and intervention strategies are used for senior healthcare.

Here’s how telehealth services can help.

They’re More Cost-Effective

According to an article recently published in the American Journal of Managed Care, telemedicine tends to lower costs for patients as well as their healthcare providers.

Virtual consultations generally cost less than in-person appointments. Since patients no longer have to travel significant distances for appointments, they’re also able to cut down on travel costs.

Telehealth services are more cost-effective for physicians because they’re able to see more patients per day for less time-consuming consultations.

Even though the consultation duration may be shorter and they may be charging less for their virtual sessions, cumulatively the service is more cost-effective.

In fact, through telemedicine, they can see the same patient more frequently than they would otherwise. Thus, the situation helps both patients as well as doctors.

They Pave the Way for Primary Care for Frail Individuals

Senior individuals are often frail and require critical care at all times to prevent their situation from worsening. For them, commuting to and from a doctor’s office isn’t just exhausting but may also be dangerous.

With telehealth services, they can receive the right type of medical care without having to travel long distances or wait long hours in the uncomfortable clinic chairs. Their primary caregivers can also participate more easily in these consultations, reporting the patient’s condition and learning prevention and accident management tips online.

Physicians can address all health concerns of the frail individuals while ensuring they’re comfortable at their homes or care centers, and aren’t risking their health by commuting.

They Lower the Chances of Hospital Admission

Telehealth services also reduce the chances of senior patients requiring hospital admission as physicians are able to keep a closer eye on them. Regular monitoring and virtual consultations help in keeping a check of their overall health and recognizing any risks and signs of deteriorating health before they escalate.

As a result, medical intervention can be provided before the situation worsens and the patient needs to be admitted in a hospital.

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