Ever wondered how easy life would be if you could address important tasks such as making a doctor’s appointment with a click of the mouse or a tap on your phone screen? With CallingDr™, you don’t have to imagine this anymore. We provide an online appointment scheduling system that’s a lot more efficient and accessible than your traditional route.

Here’s how our app can help.

Allows the Convenience of Scheduling Appointments 24/7

The biggest advantage of online appointment scheduling gives to patients is the 24-hour convenience in making appointments.

Clinics usually have set working hours during which individuals may call and book an appointment for their preferred date. For people who’re working, have commitments, or are otherwise occupied during this time, this means that they’re likely to make an appointment on time or for their preferred day.

With online scheduling systems, this is no longer the case. They can easily book an appointment after hours or even on the weekend, as the service is available 24/7.

Thus, they aren’t time-restricted and can instead schedule an appointment as per their convenience. An online appointment system lets them see what time slots are available, allowing them to choose as they wish.

Reduces No-Show Rates at Hospitals

Online appointment scheduling prevents cancellation and no-shows. While a patient may still cancel or reschedule their appointment, they’re able to do so in advance. This helps in filling the gaps between appointments, allowing other patients to avail the now available slots.

The system also sends out regular appointment reminders to prevent cancellations and rescheduling. This encourages patients to give prior notice before rescheduling, allowing other patients to utilize those slots.

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Saves Time

Finally, having an online scheduling system in place saves healthcare facilities the trouble of dedicating staff to manage phone bookings and in-person appointments. Instead, it gives them more time to utilize their efforts on more pressing tasks, letting technology take care of appointment scheduling.

Likewise, patients seeking an appointment don’t have to spend time making a call and finding out through the clinic representatives which slots are available.

They can simply use our app to search for available slots and check out cancellations, and make an appointment within a few seconds.

Online Appointment Scheduling Via CallingDr™

CallingDr™ is a premium HIPAA-compliant telehealth app and patient portal that provides patients and healthcare experts with an easy way to manage appointments. It offers customized intake forms to collect patient data before the appointment or remote check-in. It also sends automated appointment reminders to patients at regular intervals to prevent no-shows.

To book an online appointment with your local physician, download our affordable telemedicine app today. You can also get in touch with usto learn more about our app’s features.