Chronic pain is one of the most common medical ailments in the United States, affecting almost 50 million adults. From these, at least 8% report suffering from high impact chronic pain that significantly lowers their quality of life.

Unlike most other forms of pain, treatment for chronic pain is usually short-term, offering partial relief. The pain may resurface a few months down the road, making for a very distressing experience for the individuals affected by it.

In recent times, telehealth video platforms like CallingDr™have made it easier to monitor symptoms of chronic pain and provide relief to patients struggling with it. Here’s how our platform can help against chronic pain.

It Provides Treatment Irrespective of Geographical Barriers

There are a number of factors that prevent individuals from seeking treatment for chronic pain, and geographical distance is one of them. While individuals exhibiting mild symptoms are likely to drive over to the nearest physician’s office, the same can’t be said for people with more severe symptoms.

Excessive pain can hinder their ability to cover a significant distance for specialized treatment, and they end up using over-the-countertop medication instead of seeking a medical exam.

This is especially likely to happen if the affected individuals are living alone and/or are isolated from providers who could drive them to the hospital.

Moreover, chronic pain often leads to a functional disability that limits a person’s mobility. This often becomes a cause of stigma-related anxiety, making them further averse to in-person treatment. As a result, they’re unable to receive treatment beyond the walls of a healthcare facility.

Our platform breaks down geographical barriers, allowing patients to book a consultation without having to leave their homes.

It Allows For More Thorough Consultations

Telemedicine also helps patients receive more comprehensive treatment and counseling. They’re able to regularly communicate with their physicians and their teams without having to makes a dozen clinic appointments.

This means that the healthcare professionals attending to them are likely to become more familiarized with their particular condition, as opposed to how well-informed they’d be in case of monthly checkups at the clinic.

Our app can then be used to initiate an adequate treatment plan, monitor patient response, conduct follow up sessions, and provide counseling. Doctors can also conduct physical therapy sessions online.

It’s a Cost-Effective Treatment Option

Finally, using for chronic pain management significantly cuts down treatment costs for the patient. Not only is this a generally cheaper alternative to in-person appointments, but also eliminates travel and fuel costs.

The affordable telemedicine solutions serve as a bonus reason for patients experiencing chronic pain to actively seek treatment and manage their symptoms.

You can use our premium HIPAA-compliant telehealth app to book an online appointment for your chronic pain. Get in touch today and learn more about our app’s features.