CallingDr invites Dentists to sign up for TELE-DENTISTRY and DENTAL CARE using our telemedicine platform

We have a unique opportunity for Dentists to join our telemedicine platform to manage patients across multiple clinics. One Dentist can manage multiple clinics using tele-dentistry, as well as be on call, when a patient visits the clinic and the Dentist is not there. The dentist can see the entire inside of mouth by a high-resolution color camera, which can show teeth and cavities in real-time, as well as be able to record and take pictures.

Main uses of this technology are

  • It will help hygienist stream real-time oral images to dentist over a distance (if dentist is not in clinic)
  • Hygienists can now perform offsite preventive care or screenings, meeting patients where they are: patients can be in schools, nursing homes, pop-up clinics—anywhere, any time of day. Then they send clinical paperwork and dental imagery back to the dentist. Dentists can decide if patients need additional care, and the hygienist can set up a follow-up appointment right there on the spot. 
  • Specialists can go beyond hoping their referring dentists can refer patients making seamless, instant referrals, and follow-up appointments. For example, a dentist has to refer something to a dental surgeon. With this technology, they can do an instant referral and discussion if needed. 
  • Patient documentation and imaging are stored in one secure place, accessible for sharing and coordination between dentists and specialists.
  • One Dentist can manage multiple clinics by sitting in one clinic, and seeing patients “remotely” in other clinics. 
  • If patients have these cameras, then they can take pictures themselves, by connecting to CallingDr platform, and show the images to dentists remotely. This can be really useful, who has to go and see dentists on a regular basis, as it might be worthwhile for them to invest in the camera and show images to dentists on an on-going basis.
  • Dentists can charge patients, for tele-dentistry visits, so extra source of income, especially in case of after hours, where a patient has no other option but to go to an ER.

CallingDr for Teledentistry and Dental Care

using our specialized intraoral camera

Specialized design of high-resolution intraoral camera works seamlessly with our CallingDr software. Camera can show a live video in high resolution and can take individual high-quality images. Very simple to use, and has many capabilities built to capture real picture of what is actually going on inside the mouth. It can show cavities, tooth decay, gum decay, ulcers inside the mouth. The camera has crystal clear images, with fixed focus. It is lightweight, has one button operation, always on, and best of all “FULLY INTEGRATED WITH CALLINGDR PLATFORM”. 

For dentists, who sign up with us for teledentistry, we have great package pricing with cameras. For home users, and patients, they can contact us, and we will provide them with quotes.

One more area in healthcare, where we feel there is a great need for attention, so we are there to help the communities.


Adnan Malik