Connecting Doctor with Patients Anytime, Anywhere

Integrated & Complete Telemedicine & Mobile Health Platform 

CallingDr is a complete telemedicine and mobile health platform for patient-doctor video consulting and remote patient monitoring 

HD Video Visit

Providers can interact with Patients via voice and video using real time voice and HD video technology.

Secure Messaging

Our HIPAA compliant secure messaging provides communication platform between Physician office and the patient right from the mobile device.

Clinical Notes

 Physicians can compose progress notes while remotely seeing a patient via the video call. The progress notes can be dictated by voice as well.


Customized Intake Forms

Practice and appointment specific customized intake forms allow to collect patient data before the start of an encounter and during remote patient check-in. 

Appointment Reminders

Patients can themselves request for an appointment or scheduled directly by the physician office. Automatic appointment reminders are sent at regular intervals to patients to reduce no shows. 

Remote Patient Monitoring

Mobile health app and patient portal for patients health records that is connected with smart devices to collect vitals for remote monitoring of the patient, and their entire family.

Built-in Clinical Workflows

CallingDr is not just a video calling teleconference platform. CallingDr is a medical grade health information technology and HIPAA compliant software. It has built-in inpatient and ambulatory clinical workflows including self-service scheduling for the patient, remote check-in, patient intake documentation, visit payment system to accommodate insurance co-pays and self-pays & entire clinical encounter. 

Remote Patient Monitoring

CallingDr patient portal and app provides remote patient monitoring technology to enable monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings. This increases access to health care and improves quality of care, it also decreases healthcare delivery costs by allowing sending data from patients to health professionals in real time.

Growing partnerships and integrations

Integrated with Leading EMRs

Healthcare organizations, systems, technologies are required to work together to provide optimal care. CallingDr is driven to make healthcare better, therefore, we are partnering with leading EMR companies, smart medical device providers to integrate our telemedicine platform, to increase efficiency and usability for our customers. Our  partnerships  let  providers, patients, and  other innovators put healthcare first. 

Expand your Practice with the Technology of the Future

Increase your practice reach and revenue without adding any overhead

To do Tele-health right, you need more than a software. You need a robust, reliable and secure telemedicine platform that will help you every single step of the way. Telemedicine technology is the gateway to the future of mobile health (mHealth)

Increase Health Care Access for Patients

CallingDr telemedicine platform gives access to patients to consult their healthcare providers face to face and remain in the comfort of their own home or office. Patients can also book appointments remotely without calling the physician’s office.  Our mission is to connect doctors with patients, anywhere, anytime.

Increase Provider Productivity & Revenue

CallingDr provides added value to doctors in the workplace. Bconnecting providers and patients in different locations through the internet and help optimize patient work-flow and capture billable time while reducing the overhead of office visits and reducing no-shows.

Increase Practice Reach & Add More patients

CallingDr gives ability to physicians to reach across state lines without added overhead of office cost. That can be a path to better practice profitability by attracting new patients and expanding reach without opening up new brick and mortar offices,  giving physicians flexibility of hours.

"Get More Patients, Help More People and Grow Your Practice‎"

Fully Integrated Patient Engagement Platform with Practices to Redefine Digital Healthcare. Designed to meet the needs of every healthcare practice.

One Scalable Platform. Unlimited Clinical Use Cases

 + Reduce No Shows and Cancellations
 + Additional Revenue Stream for the Providers
 + Expand Practice Base and Patient Reach
 + Integration with Digital Monitors and EMRs
 + Integrated Credit Card Payment and Super-Bill Capability
 + Paperless, Mobile Friendly, Co-branding possibilities

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CallingDr Integration with ThinkLabs Stethoscopes

Now a doctor sitting outside a clinic can hear the heartbeats and listen to the lungs of patients who are in a clinical setting without a physician present. These Stethoscopes are small and portable and can be kept at patient homes, small remote centers, and remote clinics

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